Siamese Cats

Atariq Sophistication (Sophie)

Chocolate point Atariq Sophistication known at home as 'Sophie', her mother is 'Atariq Rumour has it'  father is 'Gr Ch Drestothril Johpas'.

Atariq Temptation (Tara)

Tara is a beautiful chocolate point girl who is very close to her mother (Sophie). She is always first to the food bowl and usually the last one to leave!

Ch Atariq Frascati (Holly)

Holly is gorgeous lilac point girl with a super friendly temperament who just loves human company. She is the most adorable cat to live with and insists on sharing my bed (which I don't mind). 

Atariq Frascati has attained the title of champion my thanks to judges Jenny Jones, Ross Davies and Linda Martin.