Atariq Siamese Cat Breeders in Hampshire

I.G.P.Atariq Fiori




Welcome to the home of ‘Atariq’ Siamese

Hello my name is Yvonne Sibley, and my beautiful Siamese cats and I live in the charming coastal town of Emsworth in Hampshire. I have admired this fabulous breed ever since I can remember, but I didn’t own my first one until ten years ago when I was fortunate enough to purchase two lovely girls from Dr. Martin of the ‘Abicasa’ prefix. These two girls are the foundation queens behind all of the ‘Atariq ‘Siamese.

My cats continue to have success on the show bench, and I enjoy going to the shows and being able to chat all day, to both fellow exhibitors, and the general public, about Siamese cats.

First and foremost though is the health and welfare of my cats, whilst not being allowed to roam wherever they wish, they do have an outside run built along the back of my bungalow, with a cat flap so they can come and go as they please, and always have access to fresh air, whilst still remaining safe.

As I have neither husband nor children my cats are my life, and everything that can be, is done for their benefit. Occasionally I have kittens to sell to discerning people, who wish to love them as much as I do. If that could be you please don’t hesitate to contact me.